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Previous events

MBSS Team participate in Chiang Mai Bonsai Exhibition organized by Thai Bonsai Association

1st - 2nd July 2023, 15 delegations from Malaysia take part in the exhibition at Chiang Mai, with Mike Siow invited to be the demonstrator during the exhibition. 

The Chairman of WBFF, Mr. Kim Sae Won inspected the WBC10 touring points, visited Resort World Genting, The Acres Resort, all the delegation hotels and met with the management team.

27th June 2023, as part of our effort to make sure the WBC10 delegation enjoys Malaysian Hospitality, we have our list in our bucket to ensure that you will bring back the most memorable convention you will ever have. The Chairman meticulously ensures that the touring points, delegation hotels' are important as part of the convention.

MBSS Inked an MOU with Pavilion Bukit Jalil for the Venue Partner and Main Sponsor for the 10th World Bonsai Convention 2026 

26th June 2023, Another significant move towards #WBC10, MBSS inked an MOU with Pavilion Bukit Jalil and take a tour of the mega experiential mall and investigate the offer of the event spaces; the launching location, the enormous piazza exhibition display, and the main atrium, which will be one of the key locations for the bonsai demonstration. We assured you that it would be an event of international standard and our showcase of the Malaysia bonsai festival as well...