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It begins with a strong common interest in the art of Bonsai, a group of Bonsai enthusiast led by Mr. Liaw Boo Lai to form an official club for the nation called Malaysia Bonsai Society, registered with Registrar of Society (ROS) in 1988. The Society was then actively organised activities and Bonsai workshops throughout the country and even participate in Singapore Bonsai event.


The association permit was revoked in December 1998, due to ROS documentation issue for year 1992-1994, hence, all activities was called off in complying with the law. This issue has urged the founder Mr. Liaw Boo Lai to reapply for a new society registration which was then approved on 26 January 2000 as Malaysia Bonsai and Suiseki Society (MBSS).


After Malaysia Bonsai Society cessation, the Malaysian Bonsai & Suiseki Society was reborn with a completely new attitude. This change mainly involves expanding the scope includes Suiseki, a more inclusiveness with Suiseki embodied as part of natural art of plant and stone. This change is worthwhile in promoting the culture of bonsai and stone appreciation become more harmony and unity. The essence of the society vision remains unchanged. All its inherent MBS assets were then transferred to MBSS including all its memberships.


For the first time ever, MBSS is proudly the country host for the 6th Asia Pacific Bonsai & Suiseki Conference and Exhibition (ASPAC) at The MINES Kuala Lumpur in November 2001. This is one of the greatest achievements for MBSS in promoting Bonsai and Suiseki in the region.


The society growth synonymous with the growth of bonsai Suiseki in Malaysia and today MBSS is the largest non-profit Bonsai and Suiseki group in the country, also sole recognised to represent Malaysia in the world stage for the participation in the regional and international level Bonsai and Suiseki friendship federation.


MBSS, a society registered under the Societies Act, 1966 with over 850 members as of year 2023. MBSS is currently located at its own premises at No 95, Jalan Rukun 5, Taman Gembira, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.


The aim and objectives of the society as outlined in our constitution are as follows: -

1.To promote the art of bonsai and suiseki and its related activities in making a greener Malaysia

2. To foster friendship through bonsai and suiseki

3. To arrange and organise bonsai and suiseki shows for the benefit of its members and the Malaysian public at large.

4. To promote and propagate the art and appreciation of bonsai and suiseki to all Malaysians.


While the society is growing and expanding, the new force of committee is committing to bring MBSS to yet another level with it improved vision and mission statements, present the new ideas to ultimately to promote Malaysia nature to the world through Bonsai and Suiseki.

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