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Wood art is a generic term for naturally shaped wood or root that being collected and appreciated for their aesthetic qualities. All over the world for millennia, humans have been inspired by interesting natural formations. Objects shaped or contorted naturally by mother nature represent an important element of the human creative imagination that permeates all art forms.


Wood art objects are usually displayed on a customized stand which transform an ordinary object into a prized work of art worthy of contemplation.


In Malaysia, wood types such as Kayu Raja, Kemuning Hitam, Kemuning Emas, Penawar Hitam, Cengal, Merbau and Gaharu/Agarwood are highly treasured by collectors of wood art objects.


Our Malaysia Bonsai and Suiseki Society (MBSS) under leadership of Dato Pui Khiang Khang organized Malaysia’s first wood art competition and exhibition in Viva Shopping Mall, KL in 2014. Since then, appreciation of wood art gained popularity and more such events were organized throughout Malaysia.

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